Scorzonera ~ Hoffmanns Schwarze Pfahl


50 seeds per packet
$4.00 per packet

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Scorzonera hispanica
Seeds Per Packet: 50
Price Per Packet: $4.00
Days To Maturity: 140 days

An old vegetable variety much loved in Europe for its buttery, almost oyster-like flavor, scorzonera is even less likely to be known here than its near cousin salsify. But this long, cylindrical, slender root with rough dark brown (almost black, hence its other name Black Salsify) skin and creamy flesh should be more widely grown. It is subtle and luxurious simply steamed in butter, or—to gild the lily—in a cream sauce. This variety came from the Amana colonies of the Midwest, but originated in Germany where it was a popular market variety for its uniform shape and good performance. The roots will easily overwinter in the garden and are still tender and flavorful in the second year. The very young leaves of spring can be added to a salad, and the roots keep well in a root cellar. Scorzonera is a perennial so you can establish one planting for a continuous supply of seeds—which will be produced from the second year—while planting a separate bed for eating.


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