Rye ~ Val Peccia


100 seeds per packet
$4.00 per Packet

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Secale cereale
Seeds Per Packet: 100
Price Per Packet: $4.00
Days To Maturity: 113 days

This rye was found in the possession of two elderly sisters in Val Peccia, the highest side valley of the Maggia River in southern, Italian-speaking, Switzerland. At that elevation the rye grows to about 3 feet, however in a Vermont garden it will reach twice that height. Originally grown primarily for its straw, the long, slender stems were braided and wrapped around wheels of cheese. The cheeses were then stacked and bound together for shipment by mail into the lower valleys. The grain was also used for baking bread, and as our awareness increases of the nutritional value of rye breads, these older varieties deserve a closer look.


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