Corn/Sweet ~ Dorinny


100 seeds per packet
$4.00 per Packet

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Zea mays
Seeds Per Packet: 100
Price Per Packet: $4.00
Days To Maturity: 75 days

An outstanding, early, open-pollinated Canadian heirloom with deep, rich, full-bodied corn flavor. Dorinny is a cross between renowned Golden Bantam x Pickanniny, and was awarded the Market Gardener’s Award of Merit in 1936 because of its delicious taste. It is a reliably cold-soil tolerant variety, planted here in the third week in May and maturing to the eating stage in 70 days. Plants are 4 to 5 feet tall and yield up to two 6 to 7-inch, 8-rowed ears each. While best picked at peak freshness, Dorinny has a good picking window for tenderness and sweetness. Because it is a bit starchier than modern super-sweet varieties it makes absolutely divine fresh corn polenta. Check out Ottolenghi’s recipe!


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