Bean/Pole/Dry ~ Munsee Wampum


30 seeds per packet
$4.00 per packet

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Phaseolus vulgaris
Seeds Per Packet: 30
Price Per Packet: $4.00
Days To Maturity:

A late-maturing, prodigiously high-yielding bean, with up to 6 pods per stem. Our seed comes from Will Weaver, noted food historian. It was collected by his grandfather in the 1930s. Some confusion surrounds the spelling of the name. There’s a town in central Pennsylvania called Muncy, at the same time “Minsi” is one of three linguistic groups of the Lenape/Delaware Indians. Vines are very tall, leaves are large, pods are slender, containing 6 to 7 small, squarish slightly flattened seeds with a tan background and dark brown streaking.


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