No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds

We believe that everyone should have the right and ability to not only grow their own food, but to save their own seed. We do not want a lack of funds to prohibit anyone from doing either. We feel that no one should be turned away for lack of funds, because removing barriers to accessibility and building a strong community are some of the most important aspects of our business and life.

Please contact us for a sliding scale or "pay what you can" option if you feel it is applicable to your circumstance, because no one should ever be rejected if they can't pay.

The generosity of others is what has allowed us to create our farm and homestead and has added so much value to our lives. We try to reciprocate as much as we can. The gift of seeds is an excellent way to do so.

If you are in a position to "pay it forward" and can contribute to our efforts to support those that need it, please consider visiting our donation page and making a contribution. Your donations can help us ensure that we will never turn anyone away for lack of funds.

Seeds are a gift to us all and the culture of gift giving is what the world desires and needs, especially in our current age of converging crises. We encourage you to consider what your gifts to the world are.


Charles Eisenstein - Sacred Economics


Lewis Hyde - The Gift